Sunday, March 6, 2011

Genesis 25:8 NASB

"Abraham died in a ripe (good) old age and satisfied with life"

That holds tremendous promise for those of us who are headed down that same road.  And let's never forget it, we are headed down that same road. We just need to be fully aware of the road we travel, never forgetting that death finally takes us all, but it doesn't have to take us all the same. The Psalmist noted the difference when he said, "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His godly ones." They don't die unnoticed because God didn't go unnoticed in their lives, down through their lives.  They blessed the name of the Lord their God and God blessed them with His presence, provision and promises.  Life took on significance because the giver of life gave them significance.  No wonder John Wesley said "God's people die well."  Does that mean God's people don't suffer?  Absolutely not!  We have never been promised ease throughout our life, but we have been promised peace throughout our life, in Him.  There is a difference, a huge difference, and it makes a difference.  The promise of God to Abraham, that He would multiply his descendants, proved true many times over, but the constant admonition to these descendants was, "Know the God of your father Abraham".  Jesus angered Abraham's descendants by stressing that this had nothing to do with religion but had everything to do with relationship, and that this had nothing to do with the blood of Abraham but had everything to do with the blood of Jesus.  Know your blood line!  

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